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Restoration of health and Nutrition

(See also: Nutritional suppplements

I will now say a few words to give you an overview. It is necessary to correctly assess the situation:

In the past 60 years, an unprecedented change has transpired which we as people never encountered before. While in the past, people ate things which grew from the earth and ripened, it is typical nowadays to eat things that are manufactured in industrial operations. The consequences are as yet not even foreseeable.

In order to restore the body's systems to some semblance of a sound state of health, one must first leave out everything which packaged and somehow pre-made: that is to day, every food which originates from an industrial process.

When one in fact omits these things from one's diet, one is then confronted with fruits and vegetables grown as monocultures, fertilised with artificial agents, processed with chemicals and picked before properly ripening - to mention just a few things which set it apart from true nativeness. To a large extent, it is deprived of those minerals, vitamins and enzymes which would make it clearly easier for people to maintain a sound state of health.

The solution? Reliance on at least organically-grown fruit and vegetables along with meat from organically-raised livestock - and because even this type of food no longer offers all of the benefits as it used to and what people would require (particularly to restore a sound state of health), it is necessary to resort to adjuvants classified as "nutritional supplements". For instance, it is only in the final phase of their natural ripening process that fruits develop the components necessary to bodily systems in order to supply all of their cells (to in turn enable them to develop properties to defend against bacteria and viruses - and in order to warrant the distinction between external organisms or cells and those which are produced naturally in the body. Immune cells, for instance, must do just that.

Yet it makes no sense to further expound upon these things here. In particular, different circumstances will prevail for different people; these absolutely cannot be diagnosed one by one. The logical solution: to take a good nutritional supplement which can compensate this deficiency at least to a certain extent. Here, the maxim applies that bodily systems in fact require a certain level of excess so that it can filter what is necessary. Natural substances have no "side effects" - this term has only been known since the emergence of industry.

In the course of our day-to-day work with patients, it is possible that these things sometimes may not be covered to the optimum extent; this is why you have to take your health into your own hands.


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