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Dr. Thomas Kroiss: Meine Websites


This website about cancer is organized as tightly as possible. I have explained only the bare essentials:

At HOME I give you a brief orientation on what I do, what I specialize in (regarding cancer) and what you can get from us.

On "Fundamentals of Our Therapy," I briefly touch upon the principles of sound cancer therapy, which should almost always apply and should be applied, and what we apply.

On "Phase 1" will be dealt briefly again, what I mean by it. From there, it will be redirected to our main Phase 1 treatment, IPT.

"Phase 2" describes what the purpose of this treatment is. Many people are looking for exactly that and do not find it in today's "conventional medicine". This page is then routed to our main Phase 2 treatment.

On page Breastcancer I will briefly introduce my area of expertise in breast cancer and describe the different stages of where you can get into my treatment plan.

On recommendations / legal I mention that our therapy attempts "go in the direction of health" and that it is also possible that this will not succeed. This page contains only a few recommendations on what you can do yourself because such advice has been interpreted as advertising (for other things), which is forbidden to a doctor. Therefore, I have included this only insofar as it concerns additional measures to my treatment. By law, I point out that in the case of cancer, of course, has already gone down a hill and that you can expect from our therapy not automatically healing or miracles. The smaller the cancer, the easier the case and the healthier (and less prejudiced), the better the chances. These and other legal preconditions should be known when looking at "alternative" ways of cancer treatment.

The page "Nutrition" gives a brief outline of why the organism is now harder to sustain its health and why it underlies many of our diseases. She points out that optimal nutrition is no longer possible or practicable today, and therefore dietary supplementation has become necessary to maintain good health. If you want to restore it (which, of course, is intended in case of illness), all of this is all the more necessary - both diet and supplementation.

Under "Supplements" you will find some general advice that you can and should implement right away; This tip is also based on the fact that in my daily practice I already presuppose this and often forget to follow up on the patients. Therefore I ask to understand the connections, to inform and to get these things as independently as possible.

Note: The remaining page is kept in german because all the links refer to german sites only.

Andere Websites:


IPT bei Brustkrebs beschreibt sowohl die Behandlungsmethode IPT sehr genau (bitte dem blauen Menü folgen) als auch ein wenig meine Behandlungsmethode bei Brustkrebs, sofern es die IPT betrifft. (Es gibt noch andere Möglichkeiten und Therapiebausteine, die ich bei Brustkrebs anwende.)


Heilung statt Pillen ist meine ursprüngliche Website. Sie enthält sehr vieles über diverse Krankheiten und ihre Behandlungen. Sie steht unter dem Motto "Heilung statt Pillen", was ausdrücken soll, dass man eher danach trachten möge, den Dingen auf den Grund zu gehen und eine ursächliche Behandlung anzustreben, anstatt Medikamente zu nehmen, welche meistens nur dazu dienen, das Symptom zu verwischen. So würde man krank bleiben, während man mit einer ursächlichen Heilkunde die Möglichkeit hat, gesund zu werden.

Diese Site enthält auch Vieles, das grundsätzlich ist, wie die "Axiome der Heilkunde" und solche Dinge, bitte sehen Sie dort die Sitemap.


Gesundwerden - Gesundbleiben ist eine Site, von welcher man auf alle anderen Seiten findet. Sie bietet auch für Krebspatienten andere Alternativen, von welchen man nicht so oft hört.

Dort sind auch meine Bücher mit Bezugsnachweisen aufgeführt.

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