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"Phase 2" Treatments

"Phase 2" treatments are considered all therapies which prompt the bodily systems as a whole to heal themselves. This is important in the following cases, namely:

  1. When the complete elimination of the cancer proves successful, this step should not be left out in order to restore the bodily systems to a truly sound state of health. The body itself has generated the cancer - or at least allowed it to form - and therefore remains ill. However, this is even more important in the next case:
  2. Namely when the complete elimination of the cancer fails, at least most of the additional "cancer-hostile" (Phase 1) treatments no longer able to completely eliminate the residual cancer cells (it is only in some cases that IPT could achieve this). Then, in most cases, the only available option is to enable the bodily systems as a whole to heal themselves.
  3. Of course, any patient has the right to refuse procedures based on "scientific medicine" in the first place - for instance, to categorically refuse surgery. Particularly when the cancer has not advanced very far, there is indeed a good outlook that a successful "Phase 2" treatment could restore health - or at least slow the cancer's growth to the extent that it takes a very long time to advance.


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