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"Phase 1" Treatments

"Phase 1" treatments are considered all of those therapies which directly target the cancerous tumour. In this process, one hardly takes into consideration the rest of the bodily systems - instead, is focused on the primary aim of eliminating or destroying the entire tumour.

In the initial stage of any case of cancer - when the opportunity is still available - one will try just that. Nowadays, the primary means to accomplish this is resorting to surgery (yet also to radiation, chemotherapy or other measures. The sector of "scientific medicine" has made this its specialty, usually with a fair measure of success. That is to say, in this regard, one requires just a few alternatives.

Even in the advanced stage of cancer, such methods are applied before the transition to "Phase 2" treatments. For instance, it makes sense - for instance, in the case of liver metastases - to first significantly reduce the cancerous growth via LITT (laser-induced thermo-therapy), thermo-ablation or cryo-surgery (employing cold stimuli) so that the bodily systems must them only deal with the residual cancer.

Our primary method of attacking the cancer would be IPT (Insulin-Exponentiated Therapy".

For many people, chemotherapy is not an option due to is often severe side effects, yet they would imagine a much gentler way to go about this procedure. The particular advantage would lie in the fact that in this way, bodily harm is greatly minimised - this is why the subsequent Phase 2 treatments would still manage to fall on fertile ground. That is to say, if a patient should flatly refuse to undergo chemotherapy, there is this alternative which is among our specialties.

If you want to inform yourself about IPT in English I encourage you to read all about this treatment on Dr. Garcia's site, the inventor's grandson: www.iptldmd.com/

If you are able to read and understand German please follow the following advice.

You can find out more about this by following the cross-reference "IPT bei Brustkrebs - eine alternative Krebs-Therapie".*

*(Here, you will be forwarded to my homepage (sorry, in german only!) Insulinbeikrebs - in a new window, "IPT in treating Breast Cancer - An Alternative Cancer Therapy" - where on one hand, you will find all necessary information on IPT (in the blue menu) and on the other hand, the specific topic of breast cancer is addressed (in the pink menu). After that, please return to this page (https://Kroisscancercenter.dr-kroiss.at), in the window "Das Kroiss-Krebs-Zentrum für Alternative Krebs-Therapie".)

Since there are also additional options based on "scientific medicine" or other alternatives which are often impossible to research, it may indeed be a sensible option to send an enquiry to Dr. Kroiss or schedule an appointment for a consultation. Several of these possibilities are also listed here "Gesundwerden - gesundbleiben - alternative Medizin" (in the section entitled "Krebs" - sorry, in german only); in addition, these are addressed in the book "Heilungschancen bei Krebs" (sorry, in german only!.


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