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Note: Deletions in the text became required due to deceasing of Dr. Kroiss while retaining the original content of the website.

Dear patients, families and information seekers,

This Website is intended to help you find a way out of your present situation! pelas also take note of my collection of links to various websites with relevant information!

On the following pages you will find information on:

  1. cancer therapies which are typically not widely publicised, as well as
  2. therapy concepts and options available here at our Kroiss Cancer Center.
Dr. Thomas Kroiss

If you are truly seeking comprehensive information and a sound guide, I recommend to you my book (german edition):
"Heilungs-Chancen bei Krebs" (sorry, in german only: Langen-Müller-Herbig, ISBN: 978-3-7766-2404-5)

There, you will find much more than that which I can mention here. In my view, this book is essential for everyone seeking to become an autonomous patient and conquer cancer.

Should you be interested in my opinion regarding your case, please fill out this form: "initial form"!

Some changes in comparison to the previous situation..

In 2005, for some legal and political reasons (also my age) I decided to specialize in a few subjects and move into a smaller, more private sphere. Yet this downsizing also had its benefits - namely the concentration on the most essential and effective things. .

  1. Drafting of a therapy plan for cancer patients: Many patients feel "left out in the cold" and/or overwhelmed when they must attempt to seek the next steps in treatment on their own initiative. How are they supposed to know what is helpful and what is not? How are they supposed to know whether procedures associated with scientific medicine (or perhaps other procedures) would be the better choice in their case? Are these things worthwhile or even suitable for my case in the first place? - Since I am rather familiar with these situations (and because otherwise, it is only rarely possible to obtain this information free of prejudice), I provide this service. By way of one visit to my office, I compile a recommendation as to what the patient can do, where to go in order to do that, and in which sequence the program should be applied. This includes options associated with scientific medicine", along with "alternative" or sometimes even comparably unknown options.
  2. Treatment of breast cancer: With regard to therapies, I have specialised in IPT, and this primarily in the context of breast-cancer treatment. I have found a way to treat this disorder that has a particular potential for success. That should not mean that I now treat no other disorders - and that I perform no other therapies (in fact, I still do this - particularly for patients living in this vicinity), yet I have placed my primary focus on breast cancer. I have also written a book on this ("Brustkrebs-Heilungschancen und Alternativen" sorry, in german only!), which has been published recently. - I also kindly request that you read more information (available in a summarised form) at Insulinbeikrebs (sorry, in german only).
  3. Treatment of various other types of cancer: Here, in the course of your further reading, you will find that there are two strategic approaches to cancer treatment, namely:
    1. Types of treatment targeted to eliminate the tumour (also called "acute therapies" or "Phase 1" treatment) and
    2. the completely different strategic approach, namely a therapy "towards sound health" (Phase 2).

    A brief explanation: The body developed cancer (or cancer at least was "allowed" to grow) - precisely because the body failed to initially fight it off. That is to say, the body was ill from the outset. If the remedy of the underlying disorder fails, then the cancer can return at essentially any time. True healing can only be performed by the body itself - and it needs help to reach that stage. That is to say, this second step in proper cancer therapy involves restoring health to the bodily systems as a whole, making them "cancer-hostile" and resistant. The latter measures are also intended to treat residual cancer if the cancer could not be entirely eliminated from the outset. This therapy takes place with some simple measures - along with the so-called "Phyto-Inject" therapy. With this approach, it is possible to treat many forms of cancer naturally, with minimal strain. Please read more about this on the page entitled "Phyto-Inject Therapy". It also has the benefit of shortened inpatient stays, because one can continue treatment at home after completing the initial stage; this is particularly simple and convenient for patients from abroad, and this concepts is applicable to numerous types of cancer.

Of course, one should be aware that the "market" for cancer treatment is much more extensive than that which is offered by scientific medicine. By contrast, this sector is surrounded by powerful interest groups - this means it is likely that physicians and you yourself (as patients and "common people") are only informed of available therapies insofar as this serves "someone's" interest. It has also proved "dangerous" to publish extensively on this topic, particularly on a physician's homepage ...
At any rate, we have made the effort to research the effective cancer therapies which have been developed over the last century, which are in fact available - yet hardly anyone knows about these.

In other words, there is good news: There are indeed numerous possibilities! Yet as a patient, one must promptly take the initiative to handle nearly every aspect of treatment on one's own accord. When a certain therapy is already in progress, one must find out its real chances of success, and then, as need be - draft a better-suitable therapy plan in co-operation with a skilled physician! From there, it is time to set full sail towards restoring sound health!

Even though I've partially retired and don't personally provide some therapies any more, I might still be of service for you by refering you to the best therapists who might be of service in your specific situation.

I wish you all the best!

We can help you treat the following types of cancer:

Breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphomas (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma), chronic leukaemias, cancer of the digestive tract (of the large intestine, pancreas, gall bladder, small liver metastases, bone metastases, prostate and ovarian cancer. We particularly focus on "adenocarcinoma", a form of cancer which occurs with many of these general types of cancer.

Cross-references (german only):
// For breast cancer: Insulinbeikrebs
For other types of cancer: Insulinbeikrebs, along with further information on this homepage and

We recommend the following course of action:

  • Complete the form "intitial questionair"
  • Await our reply which includes an analysis
  • Compare your prospects for healing to the existing alternatives
  • Make your decision!

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