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Note: Deletions in the text became required due to deceasing of Dr. Kroiss while retaining the original content of the website.

Dear Patients,

Today's cancer sufferer is faced with a highly specific problem:

The rule of thumb: If the cancer is not successfully eliminated in the initial course of action, this typically means trouble - because then, the risk of succumbing to cancer is ever greater. Dr. Thomas Kroiss

Essential background information - now, how can I best use it?

From a holistic perspective, cancer is not an isolated event. Likewise, the formation of a cancerous growth is no matter of coincidence, because the bodily systems are in a general state of poor health. Either the cancer emerged due to bodily abnormalities, or was at least "allowed" to grow - doesn't that sound conclusive?

Therefore, it cannot be sufficient to combat the tumour itself; instead, the sound health of bodily systems as a whole must be restored.

This means that a sound cancer treatment basically consists of two phases:

  1. Phase 1: First, eliminate the tumour (whenever possible) - for instance, by way of surgery; this is one way to combat the tumour.
  2. Phase 2: A treatment of the bodily systems as a whole to make them "cancer-hostile". The latter type of treatment is also oriented to a different objective - working "towards sound health". It aims to enable the body's systems to themselves deal with the cancer.

If it turns out that elimination of the cancer was unsuccessful, then both of these treatment types overlap and must (for instance) be performed simultaneously.

Therefore, the Kroiss-Krebs-Zentrum has specialised in the following procedures:

  1. "Akute Therapy": Since this is the domain of scientific medicine in the first place and there is no lack of such therapies, we offer (as the only "acute therapy") the IPT procedure. This is also our specialty. Please read more about this at "IPT in case of breat cancer - an alternative cancer treatment" (sorry, in german only). As a rule, this is an intelligent solution when it comes to administering therapy in the least harmful way possible.
  2. "Therapy towards sound health": A set of treatment measures which increase the health of bodily systems and fight the cancer in this way. In this context, we specifically offer "Phyto-Inject Therapy".
  3. Aside from these, as a matter of course, we also continue to offer "Supplemental Therapies" applying alternative and holistic methods when patients decide to continue treatment by means of scientific medicine (chemotherapy etc.)

Further explanations:

Therapy "towards sound health" - what is that supposed to mean?

In principle, one should understand that any illness usually consists of two different components - and that it is therefore essential to apply two different therapy concepts in order to restore a sound state of health. These two components are:

  1. the acute aspect and
  2. the chronic aspect.

For example, if someone is affected by frequently-recurring inflammatory disorders (for instance, cystitis, bronchitis, angina ...), then it is possible to treat each recurrent inflammation with "acute" therapy methods - for instance, by using antibiotics each time. Yet in that case, the tendency towards recurrence is not halted. That is to say, the "chronic" factor was not yet taken into consideration and not treated accordingly - this approach requires yet another set of measures.

Those affected by rheumatoid arthritis face a similar situation: In the initial stage, it is indeed possible to use pain relievers or "anti-inflammatory" agents ("anti-rheumatoid agents") - yet one must be aware that these only suppress the symptoms instead of restoring health. It is possible to do that; yet immediately thereafter, one must immediately attend to eliminating the rheumatoid arthritis itself! This is the even more important part of such a therapy - in order to restore a sound state of health.

That is to say, the second component of therapy would be that which addresses the "chronic" aspect - otherwise, the illness would remain.

The measures which address the "chronic" aspect of the disorder are intended to promote health. These are normally offered by holistic medical specialists and by physicians specialising in naturopathy.

As one can already now more readily recognise, "scientific medicine" restricts itself primarily to acute-medical methods, so that the second component is not left by the wayside. People also complain frequently of this drawback, calling it "the treatment of mere symptoms".

In cases of cancer, this is no different. That is to say, the previous remarks indicate that for a successful therapy, two steps are necessary:

  1. "Acute therapies" and/or treatments directed towards fighting the cancer (the cancerous growth), as well as
  2. "chronic" therapies, which address the underlying state of health.

Since both of these methods are usually applied consecutively, we also call them "Phase 1" and "Phase 2" therapies. The first of these (A) must be applied rapidly and with urgency; when this is done, the therapies in the second category should follow. The first of these are called "acute" procedures, because they are (in a manner of speaking) "rapid emergency actions" to achieve tumour reduction. Nearly all methods applied by scientific medicine fall into this category, yet of course, there are also alternative acute procedures.

Item B) refers to procedures which treat the patient's basic state of health; these require a great deal more time, which one only has when the immediate danger is eliminated (for instance, following surgery) and one does not once again wait until the very last minute to take action.

These procedures aim to eliminate the basis for the spread of the disorder - that is to say, to turn "cancer-friendly" bodily systems into healthy, "cancer-hostile" ones. This is absolutely necessary to restoring a sound state of health!

- To restrict treatment to the measures which merely combat the tumour - the standard approach nowadays - is often too little!


  1. At our centre, the "Acute Treatment" primarily consists of applying IPT - see "IPT bei Brustkrebs - eine alternative Krebs-Therapie" - or it is necessary to perform a respective treatment elsewhere in order to minimise the tumour mass. There are other possibilities which can be discussed on a case-by-case basis (or see also some of these on the Website "Gesundwerden - gesundbleiben - ganzheitliche Medizin")
  2. The "chronic" therapy may indeed include numerous items, yet in this context, "Phyto-Injekt-Therapie" is in a special position. It contains extracts used by primitive peoples to avoid and fight cancer - and is intended to equip the body's systems to heal themselves. At our centre, the initial treatment can be performed; then, the patients receive ampoules to take home, to continue the treatment.

    Any patient will have a difficult time choosing the right treatment measures for him- or herself. Of course, one should do this in consultation with a skilled physician who may recommend some form of treatment which this physician might not offer. This is why I will gladly consult with you on your case in an "initial ordination", where I can draft a treatment plan for you.
  3. Aside from these, of course, we continue to offer "supplemental therapies" of an alternative and holistic nature when patients decide to continue treatment by way of scientific medicine (chemotherapy etc.). Of course, this service is primarily a viable option for those patients who live nearby.

We can help you treat the following types of cancer:

Breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphomas (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma), chronic leukaemias, cancer of the digestive tract (of the large intestine, pancreas, gall bladder, small liver metastases, bone metastases, prostate and ovarian cancer. We particularly focus on "adenocarcinoma", a form of cancer which occurs with many of these general types of cancer.

Cross-references (german only):
// For breast cancer: Insulinbeikrebs
For other types of cancer: Insulinbeikrebs, along with further information on this homepage and

We recommend the following course of action:

  • Complete the form intitial questionair
  • Await our reply which includes an analysis
  • Compare your prospects for healing to the existing alternatives
  • Make your decision!

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