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Recommendations / Legal Aspects


In the past, there have been some legal issues which have arisen as a result of my publication of my own thoughts and views, along with the information which I consider important for patients. Therefore, I will now merely briefly address some general recommendations:

In general, it is true that a cancer patient's state of health has already noticeably declined when treatment is initiated: On one hand, the cancer originated due to the previous undermining of the patient's health to that sufficient extent - so that a sound state of health could not be maintained - and on the other hand, numerous patients have already received forms of treatment which place them under additional strain and which in turn have led to further cell damage.

Our therapy concept is designed to restore a sound state of health. Of course, please also bear in mind the possibility that for precisely those aforementioned reasons, this can no longer be achieved (due to too much ensued damage or due to the progression of the cancer to the highly advanced stage). However, we will make our best effort to ensure success. Yet you can also take several steps to aid this process: here are our recommendations for restoring a sound state of health (please do not view these as an advertisement):

Dietary guidelines (organically-grown foods, etc.), various Dietary supplements These include nutritional supplements and other adjuvants (vitamins, minerals, ambrotosis, plant-based hormone equivalents), along with additional measures (curcuma, Resveratrol). Now, you can already start changing your diet and stocking up on the right supplements.

Please do read this book "Heilungschancen bei Krebs" (sorry, only available in german!) if you are not already familiar with it: There, you will find further information which I cannot provide to you on this Web pages.

Legal aspects:

Some previous changes have led to the circumstance that I no longer provide treatment across the board. Particularly in 2005, a legal attack was launched, targeting me. Whoever is interested in reading about everything that can happen in a "free government under the law" can find the details here: Ärztekammer gegen Kroiss. (sorry, german site only!)

In 2005, for some legal and political reasons (also my age) I decided to specialize in a few subjects and move into a smaller, more private sphere. Yet this downsizing also had its benefits - namely the concentration on the most essential and effective things.

This, in turn, also has some additional effects on my treatment of patients; however, I do not intend to elaborate on this here. This is expressed in some cases by my refusal to perform such as treatment - yet in most cases, this is merely a result of the paperwork that patients have to sign and submit to me. Yet I have also decided to reduce the number of therapeutic procedures which I provide. In particular, we have specialised in IPT and Phyto-Inject.

The advantage which these cuts offer you is that of conciseness. Just as I have filtered out some therapeutic procedures as time goes on (and as a result of the events explained above) - and meanwhile, of my own accord, focus on the most essential and the most effective procedures - the content reflected on this page is intended to promote a general survey of options:

The categorisation into "Phase 1" and "Phase 2" therapies is universal and intended to always assist you - whatever you decide to do and whichever treatment measures you choose. Some of these are directly targeted to fighting cancer, the others to restoring a state of sound health. The advantage of our "Phase 1" treatment to standard chemotherapy: it minimises harm to such a great extent that our "Phase 2" treatment can still fall upon fertile ground and restore health to the body's systems.

In keeping with the same motto, I have also omitted the full range of diverse therapy options in the homepage content - in this respect, I have likewise concentrated on the most essential aspects. After all, in a general sense, the patient already lacks the resources to truly discern the best option in his or her case; to this end, he/she requires the assistance of a competent physician in the context of a consultation.

Therefore, I now take the liberty of referring to some other publications. On one hand, I have listed some information on "Gesundwerden - Gesundbleiben - ganzheitliche Medizin" - on the other hand, additional information can be found in the book "Heilungschancen bei Krebs". In addition to that, you also have the opportunity to pose your own questions to me by filling out an "Initial Assessment" form. When you bring this documentation to a one-on-one consultation with me, I can also compile your individual therapy plan which includes the full range of measures.

From the legal perspective, I would also like to advise you that our "alternative" cancer treatments - regardless of whether or not these are mentioned on our homepage -are always instances of so-called "compassionate use". These are designated to be explored when the widely available methods (those based on scientific medicine) cannot save a patient's life. Our methods are considered "experimental", "non-scientific" and "not scientifically accepted" and are subject to a separate body of regulations.

Particularly precarious are those cases which from the outset refuse all treatment based on scientific medicine; we urgently request that these patients explore all feasible options in a consultation with qualified experts in this field. We can only accept those who have already explored all avenues of information and seek an alternative way of treatment, notwithstanding all previous warnings.


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