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Dr. Thomas Kroiss MD, General Practitioner
Speisingerstraße 187
A-1230 Wien
Tel. & Fax (+43)(01) 982 5767
Member of the Vienna Medical chamber
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Ganzheitsmediziner Dr. Thomas Kroiss

How to contact Dr. Kroiss

Should you wish to consult Dr. Kroiss for help in treating your cancer, please use this form initial questionair!

Important! Please read carefully!

Transmitting medical data by emal alwas has been und still is risky. EU privacy regulation menace with penalty publishers, who collect, transmit, store and process personal data of their clients in a risky way.

Furthermode it should be noted, legal borders exist to counsel over the internet. Dr. Kroiss can provide proper therapy plans and individual counseling deliver in personal discussion in his local office. Therefor it makes no sense to attach medical statements etc.

Thus all forms to collect data in all of my websites have been disabled permanently, but remain present with disabled function as historic elements of my sites. Those forms cannot be used any more!

Should you live in the neighborhood it is adviceable to obtain a meeting over the phone. If you live in far a distance it would be adviceable first to simply wethern Dr. Kroiss will able to help and wait for further instruktions.

All further information if this page are kept as (historical informative) elements without function.

The below form is out of service! Your input will not be transmitted!
Start of historical, but inoperational content!

IMPORTANT: Please note!

Please fill out this form and await our reply.

Your full name: mandatory field
Your e-mail address: mandatory field
Your concern:
Important: Dr. Kroiss replies to each enquiry and each e-mail. If you do not receive a reply, please assume that your message was not received!
Attention, important: By clicking "submit" you declare your explicit consent that Dr. Kroiss shall reply to this enquiry by mail, quoting your original input. If you do not want this, please refrain from sending your data.

Please be advised: Dr. Thomas Kroiss will treat your data confidentially, as they are subject to the physicians' obligation to secrecy.


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