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Note: Deletions in the text became required due to deceasing of Dr. Kroiss while retaining the original content of the website.

Treatment of breast cancer

The treatment of breast cancer has a special priority at KroissKrebsZentrum.

By way of the variety of available therapy methods which achieve a particularly good response in the treatment of breast cancer, we are in an excellent position to aid in the remedy of this disease.

Initial stages of breast cancer:

If a patient refuses the standard treatment regimen applied worldwide (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone blockers), she often finds no point of contact. Yet strangely enough, in this very situation, the potential for successful treatment without relying on surgery is rather good. Please enquire! Please also take note on my view to Chemotherapy

Following surgery:

Many women opt quickly to undergo surgery in their initial state of trepidation, because excising the cancer seems logical to them. However, it happens all too often that they are only informed afterward of the necessity to subsequently undergo chemotherapy and radiation. This is attributed to the circumstance that nowadays, surgery is performed in such a high-risk manner that surgery itself quite often proves insufficient. - As a matter of course, she should be advised IN ADVANCE that this surgery is configured so as to require subsequent treatments; yet it happens that she only receives this information in rare cases, or that the patient has not listened attentively enough to this advice (which is an understandable response in her state of shock). If, as a result, she should refuse to undergo chemotherapy and/or radiation, we can aid in her further treatment.

Following surgery and radiation:

If it should be urgently recommended for a patient to undergo chemotherapy and she nevertheless refuses, she has the option to undergo IPT. We specialise in the treatment of breast cancer with IPT (and certain accompanying measures).

Following the completion of initial treatment:

Whether or not a patient has been treated by way of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, she needs "treatment oriented to restoring health", in order to make her system cancer-hostile, obliterate any residual cancer cells and take measures to prevent a relapse. We can provide her this treatment.

In the event of a cancer relapse:

Should this unpleasant situation occur - either by the recurrence of cancer in the breast itself or due to the formation of metastases in other regions of the body, there are not many options left in terms of mainstream scientific medicine; in most such cases, the chemotherapy is merely repeated (even in those cases in which it was apparently administered for this very purpose - to prevent this occurrence).

Here, too, we have options available.

In even more advanced cases:

The further the progression of the cancer in terms of its growth, the greater the extent to which it has taken control of bodily systems - and the greater the number of previous harmful treatments already administered - the greater the decrease in the chances of healing: that is to say, success.
With the IPT procedure (see respective section) a greatly non-invasive method of administering chemotherapeutic substances which enables the minimisation of harm while its benefits often simultaneously exceed expectations. Other procedures also contribute to maintaining the patient's optimum general state of health - and to extending life.

Please now read a great deal more about this in my book: "Breast Cancer - Alternatives and Prospects of Healing". It has not yet been published as of now; therefore, we offer you the opportunity to receive the manuscript by e-mail. Please use this form for a request to this effect: (available in german only!)

Otherwise, we offer you an initial assessment by e-mail, or a one-on-one consultation (initial ordination) at our office. Please schedule such an appointment by phone at +43-1-9825767


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