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There are many cases and situations where chemotherapy can not be dispensed with, and there are many patients who prefer chemotherapy because it is recommended by professionals.

Of course, chemotherapy is the answer of the pharmaceutical industry to the cancer problem. So it did not originate on the basis of medical efforts.

Therefore, it should be used by doctors - in my opinion - only under certain conditions, so relatively rare and not uncritical as uncritical as it is common today. Today, chemotherapy has been given over-dominant supremacy because, in my opinion, over the past few decades medicine has neglected to pursue the procedures developed by physicians and engineers. These have thus remained unknown and forgotten.

Chemotherapy rarely leads to healing - and this almost only affects testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and childhood tumors. According to De Vita, the statistic of healing amounts to about 4%.

Furthermore, one can and should inform oneself in the book "questionable chemotherapy" of MOSS, ISBN: 3-7760-1660-4, if one is faced with the decision, what one should do.

Also, the book "Chemotherapy advanced carcinomas" by ABEL, ISBN 3-7773-1167-7, is recommended, which shows how limited in these cases, the success of chemotherapy in the various cancers.

In any case, in my opinion, chemotherapy is used far too often and too uncritically today. It should not go unmentioned that there are also "more natural" and "healing" procedures, which are less stressful and less toxic. Unfortunately, today's medicine has not included this in their "science," so elegantly avoided having to compare such procedures with the results of chemotherapy!

Apart from that, one should consider chemotherapy as an "acute medical" therapy, which in most cases can only be used for tumor reduction. (Only in testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease and childhood tumors can be expected to heal).

It should also be noted that real health (technical term: restitutio ad integrum) can only be achieved through other approaches (namely 'health promoting').

Try out before:

There is a possibility to test BEFORE for chemotherapy which substances are and are not responsive to a patient. Since chemotherapeutic substances are toxic, it would be better to know beforehand if they will at least help.

Such options are available through blood collection or, probably better, by sending pieces of a tumor to relevant laboratories.

It is therefore advisable to have a "chemotherapy sensitivity test" carried out first.

Furthermore, for some cases, any variation in chemotherapy is well suited, for example, IPT ("Insulin Potentiated Therapy"). Very little chemotherapy is used together with insulin. This procedure combines the benefits of chemotherapy with the advantage that this method causes much less damage ("minimal side effect").

Please present your case in the initial assessment so that we can tell you if this method is suitable for you.

For further information: IPT - an alternative cancer therapy

The procedure:

First, the patient's blood should be sent to a relevant laboratory (e.g., www.onkokonsult.de).

Then those substances should be selected which have been proven to be effective.

The treatment should then be done in a low-side-effect manner.

Please complete the initial estimate if you would like more information.

General notes:

From an oncological point of view, nutrition is often given little importance. Inform yourself in good time about a supportive cancer diet!

As for cancer medicine, conventional medicine and alternative medicine can not be trusted by the media. As a cancer patient you should also know about this, also know about some numbers and statistics; Here is an example of an incident in Germany: "organized attack against alternative medicine".

First inform, then act!

For more information on the "mild chemo", namely the "insulin potentiated therapy": IPT - an alternative cancer therapy

All the best!